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Local Don't Miss - Leninn Skate Shop


Street culture first emerged in Hanoi in the late 1990s and since then has become an

indispensable part of this hectic city.


One of the most famous places for street art enthusiasts here is Lenin Park, where 

generations of young minds have started and developed their passion for skating.

This inspires us to name our brand “Leninn” with double “n”, serving as a tribute to the

whole community of skaters in Hanoi.


However, after nine years of being a mere distributor of skating gear, we came to the

conclusion that reselling was monotonous and void of originality. Now we not only

aspire to supply skaters with high-quality gear from prestigious brands, but also

uncover and nurture local talents and further promote the street art culture that has

given us the reason to keep moving forward since the very first day.


Local Don't Miss - Leninn Skate Shop

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